The Smart Building (or Green Building Innovation Cluster GBIC) Research Group was established a year ago and funded by The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. We are also in collaboration with Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore on the SinBerBEST Program. Our objective is to provide a scalable, energy-saving solution for commercial buildings to help estates and companies save energy on HVAC power consumption.

Project Summary

To reduce the overall power consumption in the existing HVAC system, we adopt the token-based scheduling approach. It is a decentralized, modular approach which aims at controlling air flow to individual cooling zones based on a scheduling scheme. Our work is a combination of 3 stages:

(a) design, investigation, and improvements of the token-based scheduling system (TBSS);

(b) modeling and simulation;

(c) construction of sensor and control modules and setup of IoT infrastructure to validate the TBSS system.