Simulation of Linear Cluster Tool based on Supervisor Control

  • We consider the application of supervisory control into a linear cluster tool, wafer making process which requires wafers to travel through all processing machines without any conflict anddeadlock. Automata models are built to replicate the behaviors of the system, then the supervisor is designed. Lastly, the supervisor is applied into a virtual plant and the simulation results can be evaluated.

Distributed Scheduling a Set of E-puck Robots with Adaptive Control

DES Supervisor Implementation in 3D Manufacrturing Process

  • The implementation of DES supervisor in simple manufacturing process is completed by commercial robot software Webots 7.1.2 and Automan Debugging Tool developed by our team. The automaton tracking software serve as a controller to receive information from sensor and then decide the next possible event to be executed, like sending commands to the corresponding operation machine.

Hardware-in-the-loop Implementation in a Feeder Line Supply Chain Systems

Simulation of Mini-Manufacturing Line System